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Stegner Symposium 2011  

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Stegner Symposium: Wildlife Conservation in the 21st Century

Michael Soule: Jobs and the Great American Corridor (Keynote)

10/24/2011 58m 31s
Stegner Symposium 2011: Keynote: Classic Lessons from a Little Fish in a Pork Barrel

1 CLE credit hour

Zygmunt Plater delivers the 2011 Stegner Symposium opening keynote address, "Classic Lessons from a Little Fish in a Pork Barrel—Featuring the Notorious Story of the Endangered Snail Darter and the TVA's Final Dam."

10/24/2011 1h 19m
Stegner Symposium 2011: Understanding Wildlife Law

Dale Goble

10/24/2011 29m 04s
Stegner Symposium 2011: Scientific Foundations for Wildlife Conservations

Jodi Hilty

10/24/2011 43m 04s
Stegner Symposium 2011: Climate Change and Its Impact on Wildlife Management

Anthony Barnosky

10/24/2011 41m 28s
Stegner Symposium 2011: Management Challenges in a Fragmented Landscape

Robert Keiter

10/24/2011 47m 02s
Stegner Symposium 2011: The Economic Dimensions of wildlife Conservation

John Loomis

10/24/2011 37m 41s
Stegner Symposium 2011: Welcome

10/24/2011 5m 12s
Stegner Symposium 2011: Putting Wildlife Conservation in Historical Perspective

Peter Alagona

10/24/2011 43m 13s